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Every Day is Father’s Day in My Books!

Every Day is Father’s Day in My Books!

I have something I must admit. Ready? Here goes…

Every day is Father’s Day in my books. Allow me to repeat: every day is Father’s Day in my books!! Not just yesterday, but EVERY day.

How so?

Well, each morning when my Dad wakes up, he asks himself:“Do I want to have a good day or a bad day?”And you know what? He always chooses the good day. Always.

That’s what makes every day HIS day. And why, as a result, every day to me is Father’s Day — or, at least, MY FATHER’S… DAY! Because he chooses to be decent. He chooses to make people laugh. He chooses to appreciate the small things and remember that family always comes first.

Okay, okay. I’m sure you’re wondering why any of this matters on a real estate blog? Simple. Because in following my Dad’s example, I too have learned that if you always choose the quote-unquote good day, the rest will fall right into place. It’s just how it is. And in my case, that includes being an agent.

This is a people-based industry, after all. And I don’t buy into date or destiny. No, like my Dad, I subscribe to being authentic. To being good to yourself and open. I also believe in treating others with respect and having no judgment. Always exhibiting kindness. Constantly doing my best. Remember, you only get what you give — in life, in business and all that falls between.

Long story short: ALWAYS CHOOSE THE GOOD DAY! Great things will come to you, I promise. They have to me.

I’ve got my Dad to thank for it.

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