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“My Property Will Sell Itself” – No, Actually, Having a Great Agent Will

“My Property Will Sell Itself” – No, Actually, Having a Great Agent Will

While I could (and probably should one day) write a whole ‘real estate mythbusters’ post that debunks a bunch of the biggest misconceptions out there about this industry, I’d be remiss if I didn’t immediately devote an entire space to one which continues to make me sigh time and time again:

That’s right, the whole “My property will sell itself”thing.

Just to be clear, I’m not taking a swing at the FSBO (for sale by owner) crowd, although we can have that whole conversation another time.

No, I’m exclusively calling out this misbelief that, when a market is hot, the only thing a house or condo needs to be sold for top dollar is simply to hit the market. It further infers that all agents are the same (we’re not). And yes, I’m calling the notion a false one. Better yet, it’s an old wives’ tale.

Lately I’ve begun to ask in response, “So, you’re confident your property has the skills and expertise to get the job done?”

Hey, it might sound ludicrous, but no more so than claiming it can sell itself!

On the flip side, a qualified agent who possesses both is not only going to have your back at the negotiating table, but work overtime for you to achieve your goals. They also have a positive reputation amongst other agents in the market for being fair and tough in equal measure. They even know how to deal with buyers and the public.

What’s more, in availing yourself of a proven real estate sales representative, you are bringing someone onboard who understands that — with 92% of today’s buyers going online beforethey even book a showing — how they present your property online is EVERYTHING. Which means they are savvy in that realm, period. Something that can be glimpsed in their presence and online brand.

“What kind of pricing strategy is your property considering listing itself with?” Ha! That’s another one I like to snap back with.

After all, pricing is so, so, SO important. Even in a strong market! Because if you price incorrectly, you could not only leave money on the table or deter buyers, but your home may sit stale on the market and could even sell for less than it’s worth.

Good agents also know the competition and the buyers looking in your area, or ‘target market’. On top of that, a good agent is going to commit to you 120%. They won’t come out with a competitive listing in the area and you’re likely to be dealing with them directly, not some underling on their team.

The list goes on, frankly. And whichever way you slice it, you’re the one who will benefit.

So, can your so-called self-selling property do all that on its own?

I didn’t think so.

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