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8 Elements of a Successful and Sustainable Real Estate Business


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The Real Estate market can be overwhelming, draining and inconsistent, but guess what? I love it! It’s easy to let this business run your life, to let it burn you out. Once I figured out how to work the business, and not let it work me, I became a better agent both professionally and personally. It was only then that I was really able to love my job and begin building my long-term career.

These are the 8 elements I had to put into practice before I was able to build a successful and sustainable real estate business that worked for me.

Be Authentic & Genuine

Being authentic and genuine in business in easier said than done. First, you need to figure out who you are and how you want your clients to see you. The best way to start building your personal brand is to start asking yourself some insightful questions. What are your values? What are your top priorities that you need to maintain to be your best self? What are you passionate about, and what gives you energy? Asking yourself these questions will help uncover who you are and who you want to be in your business and in your life.

I know it’s commonly said that you should separate your personal from your professional life, but as an agent, being authentic and genuinely yourself (letting your personality shine through) will allow you to be confidently YOU which will help gain your clients trust and provide you with comfort and happiness to guide you through this business with ease.

Uncover your Strengths and Own Them

Forget everything you think about being humble. This business is all about recognizing and owning your strengths. Learn how to sell yourself! Start thinking about what you are great at and what makes you a total badass and start putting it into action. Once you start believing it and showing it to the world, everyone else will start to seeing and believing it too.

Set Your Goals and Revisit Them Often

Keep a list of both short term and long term goals. Short term goals will help keep you on track, will make you feel accomplished each week and will help ensure your to-do list gets done. While short term goals help you in your week-to-week, your long term goals should be more significant. Where do you want to be in the next year? 2 years? 5 years? Setting tough but achievable long term goals for yourself help you stay focused and work towards something meaningful. In life and as an agent, there is always room for growth and self-improvement.

Imagine your goals as the ultimate vision board for how you want to live your life, both in business and personal. Setting yourself up with short term and long term goals will help ensure that you can maintain a successful business, but not let your own happiness fall by the wayside.

Invest in Marketing

OK, first thing’s first: before we start talking about marketing, you need to figure out who you are, who your target market is and how (and where) is best to reach them. What does your ideal client look like? What neighbourhood do they live in? How much is their home worth? What type of house do they live in? What’s their age and income bracket? Asking yourself these questions will help paint a picture of your target market. Once your target market has been determined, you can start building a marketing plan on how to reach them.

There are a number of ways to invest in marketing, both paid and free! I would recommend starting with social media as it is a great free tool to let you get your feet wet and begin getting your personal brand and business exposed. As you begin building your online presence, getting yourself out there, creating content, and engaging with your audience (target market), you will start to see that it will expose you to a great number of potential clients and will eventually build recognition and credibility of your business.

Investing time and energy into marketing is synonymous with investing in yourself. In order to be successful in this industry, people need to know who you are. Of course, this can happen organically by word-of-mouth but getting your name out there, especially in the beginning, means investing time and energy into marketing. It may seem a lot at first but it is an investment, and if done right, it is a sound one that should yield you much more income in the long term.

Network and Perform Lead Generation

Get out there and get to know other agents and potential clients. This business is so much about who you know, who refers you, and your reputation. Networking and lead gen are such important parts of getting your name out there. You can spend all the money you want on marketing but building professional relationships, networking and interacting with potential clients is invaluable (and most of the time, won’t cost you anything but of course, your time!).

Ensure Quality Outweighs Quantity. Always.

This is a mantra I live my life by. It is a way of life. Quality over quantity is how I conduct my business, chose to spend my personal time, and is something that influences all of my purchases. Having one or two things that you work hard on and are very proud of, is so much better than have lots of things that are just mediocre. Quality over quantity will help you cultivate long term relationships, build a significant and meaningful personal brand, and will ensure you invest your time in things that will progress your career as an agent.

Schedule Your Time and Automate

Put everything in your calendar. Every. Single. Thing. Set alerts, reminders for appointments, follow-ups, viewings etc. We live in the golden age of technology. This is what will help you stay organized and on top of everything. Besides scheduling, automate everything you can including newsletters to your mailing list, social media, etc. This will make your life so much easier and you will no longer have those “oh, $%!&, I forgot!” moments because you are an organizational guru and everything is already in or on the schedule.

Stay Consistent and Organized

Consistency is key to any successful business. Ensure that you are consistently present in your business, staying focused, and giving your clients the attention and dedication they deserve. Being consistent comes with being organized. Being organized, ensuring all appointments, follow ups etc. are in your schedule will allow you to focus on building your business. Staying organized means getting the little things out of the way and focusing on the bigger picture.

These 8 elements not only helped me build a successful and sustainable real estate business but also helped me become a better, more organized (and sane) person both personally and professionally.

Have you tried implementing any of these 8 Elements into your business yet? I’d love to hear how they’ve worked for you!

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