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Be a Marketing Badass First, and a Real Estate Agent Second


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OK, I’m going to be blunt. If you aren’t putting your full efforts into marketing yourself (and your listings), you’re never going to live up to your full potential as a Real Estate Agent.

You might think your full-time job includes listing, showing, and selling houses but really, this business is so much more than that. Being able to sell yourself is just as, if not more, important that being able to sell the properties you list.

Now, I’ve been through the busiest times, just like you. I know what it feels like when you’re struggling to keep on top of your e-mails, schedule all your open houses, keep up-to-date with your clients, follow through with follow ups, and make time for some resemblance of a social life.

I get it, this business can be tough, chaotic, and crazy. Sometimes, we are tempted to work off of quantity instead of quality. We can convince ourselves that we just need to get the listings out and they will sell themselves. When we do this, we’re not only fooling ourselves, but we are seriously selling ourselves short.

As Agents, we need to ensure we are giving each listing the time, energy and efforts it deserves.

As Agents, we need to consider ourselves as marketing professionals, and ensure we are constantly and consistently holding ourselves to that standard. We need to make sure each listing has its own custom creative marketing strategy and materials to promote it. I know it’s easy to cut corners to try and cut costs and workload but your business (and your reputation) will no doubt suffer in the long run.

It is important to make sure your worth as an Agent is clear. Sellers will always want a clear picture of what you’re doing to sell their homes and the work you put in to really earn your commission. Providing your clients with a professional presentation deck or marketing strategy, customized to their property will not only gives them an overview of your marketing plan, but also showcases your expertise as a real estate and marketing badass.

With the competition in this industry constantly growing, those who are savvy marketers are the ones who will ultimately thrive and build a sustainable and successful business for themselves.

Keep in mind that as Agents we need to ensure that we aren’t spreading ourselves too thin. Your clients don’t get to see what goes on behind-the-scenes — they only see what you project. Make sure that you are putting your best self forward, always.

A major part of your online presence includes an up-to-date and well-maintained website.

Just because you’re busy doesn’t mean you can get sloppy with your online presence. Make sure the photos you post are high quality, the content you post on social media is void of any spelling or grammatical errors, and any hyperlinks you post link back to your website, are fully functional, and easy for your followers to navigate.

Be prepared to be judged on the quality and aesthetic of your online brand. This is something that is not only a necessity for Real Estate Agents today, it is an expectation.

The moral of the story? When times get tough, overwhelming and chaotic, make sure you don’t let your marketing suffer. Maintaining your online and personal brand is essential to your overall successful in this business. Trust me, you will thank yourself in the long run.

How do you maintain the quality of your brand online even during the busiest times? I’d love to hear from you in the comments be

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