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Why Can’t We All Be Friends — and Sell Real Estate?!


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Yes, in the high-stakes sales- and commission-based industry in which we operate, us real estate sales professionals are — by nature — conditioned to go head to head with the next agent. By my last count, around 80,000 realtors are licensed to practice in Ontario and there’s only so many transactions to go around, after all.

But believe it or not, it’s okay for us to support one another in real estate, even if we’re in competition! The two should not be considered mutually exclusive.


Obviously I understand why some of you might be shaking your head when you read that. With Toronto house prices rising, the number of people looking to make easy money by selling real estate has spiked along with it. In fact, that same number of realtors currently licenced in this province which I referenced earlier was up more than 26% in 2017 compared to just five years earlier, when there were nearly 63,000 agents.

It’s perhaps more of a dog eat dogworld out there than ever, especially considering commission dollars are higher than ever. So yeah, I get it. But we are all in this game together. Which means we should be a source of strength for each other, not ruthless opponents.

Make no mistake, an accommodating and friendly attitude between realtors has considerable advantages for everyone. For one, we’re all chasing inventory. Well, if your quote-unquote competitors like you, they often won’t hesitate to tell you about an off-market property that might be perfect for your client. Would such a deal — the kind that falls outside of MLS — go down if you were known to take pride in eating the other guy or gal’s lunch? Nope.

How about the opportunity to constantly learn and improve your work? Truth be told, I’ve gained so much on the education front from some of my professional competitors. And I’d like to think a few of them would say the same about me. The real estate business is always evolving. Without us agents being able to bounce around ideas and inform each other, how would we ever go about providing the most exceptional service possible to our buyers and sellers?

What’s more, maintaining healthy relationships with other agents can also serve you well in getting referrals from colleagues beyond your trading area. Tell me, do you think they’d be willing to hand you the lead if you had a reputation as a cutthroat jerk?

Didn’t think so!

Be kind, be benevolent and always be accessible. As far as I’m concerned, it not only reflects our character towards our clientele if we promote these kinds of positive relationships amongst ourselves, but benefits our industry at large.

For that reason and so many more, I’m always making the effort to be better. Are you?

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