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Brand Spotlight: IKEA


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OK, I’m not going to lie. I giggle to myself every time an IKEA ad comes on the radio or TV. I just think their branding is so clever and memorable. It just works.

You know what I really love about the IKEA brand? They’ve got a great sense of humour and are totally able to laugh at themselves. They are funny in a totally unexpected way. And their branding is so good, I’m pretty sure each of us reads “IKEEEA” in the same way (in the same voice) in our head.

Did you know what Ikea’s main marketing tool is and what they spend 70% of their annual marketing budget on? Their annual catalogue! And they say print is dead…

IKEA commercials have won a ton of awards. Most notably the “Unböring” campaign in 2002, the “Where Life Happens” video campaign in 2016. The progressive Swedish brand were also the first to feature a gay couple in a commercial in the US in 1994!

What can we learn from IKEA? That thinking outside of the box (HAH!) and building a unique and recognizable brand makes you memorable. Whenever you hear that voice on the radio, you immediately know it’s the Swedish brand, no? Of course, IKEA is known for its easy-to-assemble furniture but the fact that they give a damn about their marketing and branding has helped this retailer become an international sensation.

Now that’s good branding.

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