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Part II – Content Creation: Real Estate Social Media Made Easy


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When it comes to social media, taking the first step and actually starting to post can really be the hardest part.

You can spend your time researching and reading about when the best times and days of the week to post are, what you should be posting and when and who you should be tailoring your content specifically towards. But do you know what my best advice is for building your personal brand on social media? JUST POST! Just go for it! Start creating and brainstorming content. Dive right in head first!

Your personal brand is something that you will develop over time and the best time to start is now!

Speaking of making things easier, I also have some tips and a very helpful tool available at the end of this post on how you can develop a consistent social media plan and expose your business to a whole new landscape of people.

I know I said that you need to just start posting (!) and that’s true, but before you click the ‘share’ button, there are a few things you need to consider.

First let’s talk about the kind of content you should be putting out there:

  1. Video: It is important to mention here that video content is king. Did you know social videos generate 12x the shares than texts and images combined? That’s a pretty significant difference! Over the last 2 years, we’ve seen a serious shift away from images and text to video being the primary posts on social. Keep this in mind when you’re building your content online.
  2. Written posts + videos: Not all of your content will be videos but make sure you do add some throughout your posting schedule. What do you do in between? Use your written content as a way to reinforce your video content and vice versa. This will help to ensure that your posts are reaching the maximum number of people.
  3. Close Captioning: Always add captions to your videos! Now, this one is really important considering 85% of Facebook videos are watched without sound. Yes, you read that correctly, 85%!
  4. Still not convinced you need video content? Facebook videos receive 135% more organic reach on average than any photos posted to the social network.

Content Strategy

 When developing your Content Strategy, you will need to come up with a plan of what you want to accomplish through social media, as well as make notes of what kinds of posts you envision will help you to achieve your goals.

First, you’ll want to outline what the purpose of your social media posts will be. What do you want to achieve through social media? I’ve created a small list below that I think is particularly relevant to agents, but you can of course add or remove from this list as you might fine-tune your own goals for social media.

  1. BUILD AWARENESS – Social Media is great for building brand awareness. It is an avenue to get your name (and properties you’re selling) in front of people!
  2. BE AUTHENTIC – If you want to build an authentic brand online then you must be yourself and showcase who you are – clients will want to work with you if they know, like, and trust (K-L-T) you, so let them into your life!
  3. BUILD CREDIBILITY – Educating, providing value, building equity as the expert, posting listings, open houses, sneak previews are just a few ways that you can build credibility as an agent through social media.
  4. BUILD and STRENGTHEN YOUR BRAND – Create, build, and strengthen your BRAND through your social media posts, visual graphics, your tone of voice, and your specialties. You are the expert in your field so make sure you are putting that at the forefront of your online brand.
  5. DO DEALS – Ultimately, we want to sell real estate and make money so we shouldn’t be spending all our time posting on social media (this is why automating, and scheduling is key!).

Content Pillars

Now that we’ve hashed out what kind of content you want to post and why you want to post it, we need to figure out WHAT you’re going to post. My best tip for creating content and keeping it in-line with your brand is to come up with a list of 4-5 Content Pillars (topics) that can help you develop an ongoing content strategy.

Once you’ve determined your Content Pillars (4-5 topics you want to build your content on) you can begin brainstorming some ideas that work within these topics.

Keeping your Content Pillars in mind when creating content will help ensure you are posting with purpose, staying consistent with your brand, and only posting things that add value to your overall feed and brand.

Now that you know the kind of content you want to produce, you’ve just got to get it down on paper (I know that’s much easier said than done)! Here are a few tips for content creation:

  1. Schedule time to brainstorm: use a notebook or your phone to jot down any ideas that come to you – don’t put too much pressure on yourself. Let the ideas come and be inspired naturally.
  2. Not all ideas are good ideas and that’s OK! Ensure your content is adding value, always!
  3. Create a content bank: Some weeks you will be so super busy that social media will be the last thing on your mind. Other weeks, you will just feel totally uninspired. This is when you’ll dip into your content bank. Store ideas here that you can easily chop up and repurpose later.
  4. If you really don’t have a way with words and have trouble getting anything on the page? Hire a ghostwriter! There are a ton of freelance writers out there who would be happy to help you make your social media brand come to life.

Now that you have all the tips and tricks on creating content now you’ve just got to get started! Remember building a personal brand on social media isn’t something that is going to happen overnight, it takes times but trust me, the investment will be worth it.

To help you get started, I’m offering a free Content and Social Media Planning Calendar! Click here to download your very own social calendar and start building your online personal brand today.

Stay tuned next week for my final post on Scheduling and Maintaining Your Brand: Real Estate Social Media Made Easy. I’ll be discussing how you can (easily) make social media work for you, and how you can develop and maintain your online brand.

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