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Getting Started: Real Estate Social Media Made Easy


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Over the next 3 blog posts I’m going to talk about how you can start using social media to build your brand, easily create content and maintain your profiles and how you can eventually use social media so you can grow your business, gain more clients and become a top Real Estate broker.

First, let’s start with the easy stuff: Creating (or cleaning up existing) social media profiles are the first steps to getting your brand online.

As Agents, we all know that we should be on social media. I know that should can be daunting. You don’t know where to start, what to talk about, or how to develop a consistent schedule for posting that will work for you and improve, not impede on your already very busy calendar.

In case you still aren’t convinced WHY you should be on social media, here’s why I think it’s important to grow your business and your brand.

  1. It’s a FREE marketing tool! There’s really no excuse not to be using this powerful marketing tool. After all, it is FREE! Forget about all that money you’ve spent in the past on advertisements and promo material trying to get your name and business out there. Social media allows you to have a free and easy-to-use tool to promote yourself and your business!
  2. It allows you the ability to build credibility as a person and as an agent! Having a presence on social media will let potential clients know you are legit! Plus, it gives you a platform to gloat a little about past successes.
  3. It gives you an opportunity to showcase your personality and build credibility. Existing and potential clients will use social media to get to know you. It will be a means for them to figure out whether or not they want to work with you and if they will be able to connect with you as an agent.
  4. It allows you to be an Expert in your field. Having an online presence that reflects you and your business will help build recognition and trust from clients and other agents.
  5. New clients will actually be able to find you. If you don’t have a social media presence, how will potential clients find you and see your credibility as a marketing professional?

There are a few things I want to cover throughout this blog post. Mostly, I’m excited to get YOU excited about using social media as a tool to enhance your business both online and offline, and how you can really make social media work for you! I hope this post inspires you to put yourself out there and educates you on how to start building your brand online and build your credibility as an agent! But most of all, I want to make social media easy for you so you can focus on the bigger picture (selling real estate!)

OK, let’s start with the basics.

Before you start creating your social media profiles, you will want to determine what you want your Personal Branding to look like. Your Personal Branding will basically consist of who you want to be and who you want to speak to.

In order to develop your social media plan, you will need to figure out two things.

  • Personal Brand – you will want to develop a clear vision of what your online brand will be. Remember, your online Brand is based on YOU so make sure your personal branding is an authentic and genuine representation of not just who you are as an agent but what special traits or characteristics that really make you, YOU.
  • Who is your Target Market? Defining your target market will help you determine which social platforms will be best for you to spend your time and energy investing in. When trying to figure out who your Target Market is, you’ll need to ask yourself some questions, such as: Who do you want to go after and speak to? Who is your ideal client? Where do they live? What do they do for fun? How will they need your services? What are they looking for in an agent? Etc…

Still not convinced you should be using social media? Here are some quick stats of who is using social media as of February 2019.

Quick Stats: 


2.072 billion users

88% of users are 18-29

77% of users make $75K+

Facebook is where millennials and Gen X are most likely to share content

75% of users spend more than 20 minutes per day on Facebook


1 billion users

59% of users are 18-29

31% of users make $75K+

Average user spends 55 minutes per day on Instagram

7 out of 10 hashtags on Instagram are branded

71% of US business use Instagram


562 million users

36% of users are 18-29

45% of users earn $75K+

Users spend an average of 17 minutes per visit

LinkedIn is the most popular network with Fortune 500 CEOs


1.5 billion users

26% of users are 35-44

YouTube reaches more 18-49 year old’s than any cable network in the US

Users spend an average of 40 minutes per day on YouTube


362 million users

36% of users are 18-29

29% of Americans with a degree use Twitter

30% of users make $75K+

Once you have established your Personal Brand (who you want to be on social media) as well as your Target Market (who you want to speak to on social media), you will be ready to begin building your Content Strategy.

Stay tuned for my post next week on how you can easily start building your Content Strategy and get your business and brand online!


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