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If You Aren’t Adding Value, Then What’s the Point?


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Adding value should be your number one priority! This means adding depth and real meaning for your consumers and to your business both online and offline. Adding value and positioning yourself as the expert in your field and to your target market will help you gain credibility and traction and have not just clients, but other realtors looking to YOU as THE example in the industry.

Did you know it takes 6-8 touches or interactions before a customer makes a decision to connect or buy?

That means your online presence needs to be consistently solid because new clients are always looking. They are always checking you out. It takes a lot of hard work and dedication to make it to the top, and it only takes a few missteps to take you to the bottom.

You need to always bring your A-game.

When it comes to marketing yourself and your business, usually the 80/20 content strategy will work (80% value/20% sales drive) but in real estate, content strategy is even more important! I believe you should be putting 90% of your effort into adding value to your online and offline marketing strategy, and the other 10% of your efforts should be directed into sales. Do you know why? Because the content strategy will be what ultimately drives traffic and sales to your business.

Do you get it now?

Don’t just focus on selling yourself and showcasing your listings and past wins. ADD VALUE. Add interesting content into your follower’s feeds.

And don’t forget about the people who you don’t know are following you. They are just as, if not more important! These are the potential clients who are checking you out. Make sure you are consistently showing them WHY you are the expert in your field and HOW you are better than the other thousands of agents operating in your city. You might not know they’re watching you, but they are! There can be lots of opportunities you aren’t even aware of yet!

Go above and beyond.

Give your audience something MORE. With such a saturation of agents present in the marketplace, you need to set yourself apart. Give your clients something that they won’t find easily online or from another agent in your area.

What makes you amazing? Do you know? How can you demonstrate your value?

Make sure your content strategy is centred around what sets you apart, why you love what you do and WHY you are so good at what you do! The goal here isn’t to talk down other agents, but to let your expertise and knowledge in your field do that talking for you!

What’s the most important part?

Knowing who YOU are. Before you can convince anyone else that you’re the best in the business, you need to believe it yourself and OWN IT. You need to know who you are, and what you bring to the table.

Owning your own business has never been for the lazy, and that is especially true today. It takes time and patience to build, develop and curate your brand and content strategy online and offline. But if you put in the hard work, dedicate time and energy to building your business and adding value both online and offline, you will see the results in both increased exposure to new clients and additional sales.

You got this!



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