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I’m Taking a Social Media Hiatus and Maybe You Should Too


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I think one of the most important lessons you can learn in life is knowing when It’s time to take a break.

If you’ve been following along with me on Instagram and Facebook, you’ll know that I’m newly engaged and was just back in Toronto, wrapping up the last loose ends before I officially settle into my new life in the Land Down Under. Along with saying goodbye to my Canadian home, I was also visiting friends and family, saying goodbye (for now) and introducing them to the soon-to-be newest member of our family, my fiancé, Justin.

This is such an exciting time in my life, and one I have really been looking forward to — I want to soak in every minute, and let myself fully live in this moment.

To ensure I’m completely present during this magical and significant moment in my life, I have decided to take a hiatus from social media for the next couple of weeks.

There are so many wonderful things happening around me: I want to feel them, really live them, and capture all the memories I’ll make during this time. Right now, I don’t want to let social media take away from me being present in my own life.

Social media is an incredible tool — One we didn’t have access to 10 years ago to put ourselves and our business out there. But sometimes, we have to switch it off. We need to take time to check in with ourselves and take a break from our digital personas.

I know as agents, our phones can be an extension of our beings, but trust me, sometimes it feels great to put them away. Taking a break from online lets us really appreciate what we have in our “real life”. After all, why do we work so hard any way if can’t enjoy the life we’ve built for ourselves?

Taking a break and taking time away from social media and marketing yourself once in a while is good for our health as Agents.

Social media doesn’t always allow you to interact with your friends, family, and clients in a substantial way.

A digital detox can not only help you feel more grounded and in-tune with your everyday life, it can help you reconnect with those around you. Plus, taking a break can help you tune into yourself and get a better perspective of where we’re really at mentally and emotionally. Spending time face-to-face with friends, family and even clients can help build more meaningful connections and experiences.

Social media can distract you or take you away from the moment.

Constantly checking our phones prevents us from paying attention to what is actually happening in front of us. I know we’ve all had that one friend who spends social outings staring at their screen (something they didn’t really need to leave the house to do). Being present during social activities lets you actually enjoy the company you’re with.  Trust me, you’ll remember that dinner out with great friends much more fondly than spending an hour scrolling through Instagram.

You’ll have way more free time.

Have you used Apple’s iOS feature to track your screen time? It can be quite alarming to realize how much time we actually spend staring at our phones.

Once you take a step away from scrolling through your Instagram, Facebook and Twitter feeds, you might notice that you’ve got some extra time on your hands. Time you can spend doing something creative, getting outside or finally making it to the 6AM yoga class you keep meaning to go to.

Catching up on sleep instead of keeping up with your followers

We all know that staring at our screen up until the moment we close our eyes isn’t great for a good night’s rest. And what are we usually checking right before bedtime? You guessed it – social media. You might notice that by taking a mini hiatus from social media, your sleep schedule begins to improve, and your pre-bedtime anxiety levels can begin to reduce.

Taking a temporary hiatus from social media means you won’t be tempted to check your phone before bed or if you wake up in the middle of the night. Take a break and enjoy those extra ZZZs!

Taking a digital detox once in a while isn’t a bad thing. As agents, we can let our phones and our online personas take over our lives.

It’s important we’re letting ourselves enjoy life away from a screen.

So, for now, I will bid you adieu. I am not quitting social media completely and I wouldn’t suggest you do either. But taking these next couple of weeks to let myself live in the moment and really soak in all the precious memories being made right now, is just too important to miss out on.

I look forward to coming back refreshed, re-energised and excited for my (official) new start in Australia.

See you all soon!

2 thoughts on “I’m Taking a Social Media Hiatus and Maybe You Should Too

  1. Tiffany, I wish you a fabulous wedding day and decades of happiness with your husband!

    It was great to see you when you were in Toronto. we are greatly enjoying your Dyson Vacuum cleaner and will think of you even time t is used to keep our cottage clean.

    I will let you know when I will next be visiting Australia.

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