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Introducing The Marketing Badass Accelerator (MBA) Program, A Sales and Marketing Essentials Program with Tiffany Sly

I’d like to re-introduce myself – my name is Tiffany Sly and I’m a Leading Visionary Sales & Marketing Maven and Personal Brand Guru.

I took my own advice. It was time for me to rebrand.

I know I am capable of offering so much MORE to my clients. I don’t mean to brag, I don’t mean to boast, but before running a real estate business in Toronto, Canada for the last 12 years, I spent years in advertising and marketing where I learned from the best and gained valuable skills along the way. I become the best agent I could be because of my intensive background in advertising and marketing. I understood how to build a sustainable business, how to sell myself, and how to create a message that would get people’s attention.

I want my clients to feel as badass as I do.

Imagine what it would feel like to kick stress and burnout to the curb and sleep soundly because you have finally mastered that elusive work/life balance. Think about a life where you have established strong boundaries and control over your time and are finally able to prioritise self-care. Imagine creating a marketing strategy that is simple and easy and works for YOU – A strategy that makes your brand unique and stand out from your competition.

This program isn’t just about improving your business and your brand. It’s also about making money, LIKE A BOSS.

I’m talking about doubling your income and making your brand KNOWN. I’m talking about building your credibility and making yourself a LEADER in your industry. I’m talking about owning your worth and understanding your competitive landscape, so you don’t ever need to compete on price (or compete at all!)

Can I get a HELL YA?!

The whole point of being an entrepreneur is to be your own boss, right? Well, sometimes the boss doesn’t have all the answers and they need help too.

I’m Tiffany Sly, and I’m a Leading Visionary Sales & Marketing Maven and Personal Brand Guru and I’m very proud to announce my new Marketing Badass Accelerator (MBA) Program. This program provides industry leaders with clever and simple strategies to transform the way they work, break the marketing mould, and build their most authentic and outstanding business.

My 60 day 1:1 accelerator program to shift you from getting lost in obscurity into being the visionary industry leader and marketing badass you truly are and magnetising clients and money LIKE A BOSS.

So, relax and stay a while! Have a look around this new and improved website –Be sure to check out the MY PROGRAMS page and visit the CONTACT page to book a complimentary Discovery Call today to learn more about my MBA program and how you can become a Marketing Badass in no time!

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Learn How to be a Marketing Badass!

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