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5 Easy Things I Do Every Day to live a Happier and Healthier Life


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It is so easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of everyday life and forget to take care of you. After spending the last 12 years putting my clients first, and putting myself consistently second, I know how important it is to balance out the needs of my clients with my own needs. It’s crucial to survival in this business. Not only have these small changes helped me achieve a more balanced lifestyle, I’ve become happier, and the healthiest version of myself.

Here is my list of small changes I’ve implemented in my every day that has made a big impact.

But First, Coffee

Now I know some people consider coffee solely fuel to start and motivate their day but for me, I have always enjoyed my morning coffee. I love the ritual of waking up early, brewing fresh coffee and then sitting down to properly enjoy it and just have a quiet hour to myself before the chaos of the day comes in.

Taking a time out each day to clear my head, reflect on what I’m grateful for (because there is so much), and think about what I want to accomplish that day helps gets me mentally and physically prepared for the day ahead.

Get Moving and Go Outside

“Inspiration is a guest that does not willingly visit the lazy.”

I think it’s important not to stay still for too long. I like to make sure I keep moving. Whether that’s getting out for a walk with my dogs, running errands, or going out to explore my new city, getting moving and getting out of the house gets me inspired.

For me, taking time for myself comes in small acts and gestures of appreciation and reflection. Moving around and getting outside reminds me that there is so much more to life than just work. Taking this time to get moving and get outside helps me stay focused, inspired, and ensures I’m never bored.

Treat Yo’self

For me, small indulgences like enjoying a glass of wine, ordering in my favorite local Thai food or getting my hair and nails done, are small things that are easy to fit into a busy schedule and let me feel like I’m having some much needed ME time.

Self-care is important — letting yourself indulge and treat yourself is a way to ensure you are taking care of YOU. After all, why do you work so hard?

Getting and Staying Organized

I make sure I make my bed every single morning. This isn’t something a I used to do, but it is now. Making my bed is a small habit (something that takes less than 5 minutes) that I began implementing into my daily routine and is something that has helps me stay focused and improves my mindset for the day. For me, my home is usually a reflection of my state of mind – when it’s messy, so am I.

Coming home each day to a clean and tidy home after a busy day is comforting. Looking forward to getting into a nicely made bed at the end of a long day is a wonderful thing to treat yourself to.

Tip: I take one day each week to get caught up on my organization. Typically, this takes place on Sunday when I have time to do laundry, clean, meal plan etc. It gives me the chance to go into the week with a clear head, good mindset and an organized home.

Setting Time Aside to Call Those I Love

Catching up and keeping in touch with close friends and family has been something that has helped keep me grounded and happy even in the most tumultuous of times. Maintaining these special relationships and close connections has helped me feel normal even amongst the most chaotic periods of my life.

Having lots of friends on social media is great but nothing beats that personal, close connection we get from close friends and family. I always try and make time in my schedule to call my grandmother or my best friend to chat and catch up and just let myself enjoy the conversation, and I do just that.

Have you tried implementing any of these small changes into your daily routine? If not, what are some things that you do just for you? I’d love to hear about them in the comments below!

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