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There’s a lot of talk about ‘mindset’, ‘abundance’ and ‘manifestation’ these days … they might all be a bit overdone … BUT I’m here to tell you that they are NO JOKE.

I always hated talking about money – yuck! and I have never been good at budgeting (my mom will roll her eyes). I’ve had to learn the hard way. It took me years to master the art of being afloat in a commission only business.

There are tons of tools I learned and mastered throughout my journey but one has been mind-blowing and the most surprising … and that’s my mindset.

A shift in mindset changed everything for me.

Julia Felton, CEO at Business HorsePower, says it well in her article Master Your Money Mindset and I also highly recommend the book You Are a Badass at Making Money: Master the Mindset of Wealth by Jen Sincero where she teaches you that “What you focus on you create more of.”

Here are some of the ways I’ve learned worked best for me:

  • Fake it ’til you make it – this is the idea of ‘acting as if’ you had money or money was coming in. I don’t mean spending like an idiot but being in a place of abundance and envisioning it as if it is already present.
  • Don’t stop doing what works – spend all your time exercising money generating activities. Keep doing them.
  • Know what’s coming in and what’s going out – put it on paper, visualize it, set goals and make a plan. The moment you write it down, it becomes a powerful force that leads you.
  • Let yourself have it – give yourself permission to make money. Ask the tough questions and be comfortable with wealth. As Jen Sincero puts it “Give yourself permission to be, do, and have what feels good and right and awesome.”

What works for you?

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