Tiffany Sly

My Story

How I became a Real Estate and Marketing Coach.

My story is also my purpose: helping you unleash your brand essence and stand out as your most authentic business while building the life you want!

I’m Tiffany Sly, and I’m a Real Estate & Marketing Coach and Personal Brand Expert.

I’m committed to helping solopreneurs, real estate professionals, and small business owners in general, unleash their Brand Essence, discover clever and simple strategies to transform the way they work, break the marketing mould, and build their most authentic and outstanding businesses.

It’s new, it’s different, and it’s a lot of fun.

Before running my own successful real estate business in Toronto, Canada for over 12 years, I spent many years in global advertising and marketing firms where I learned from the best and gained valuable skills along the way. Then I made the move across the world to Australia in 2019 where I’ve sold property alongside running my coaching business online (and in person) helping outstanding business people across the globe. I’ve worked with real estate agents, solopreneurs and small business owners in the USA, Canada, and all over Australia start up and transform their businesses.

What I find is missing in business coaching is the guidance we all need to truly find our Brand Essence – the heart of our business and what makes us better and unique compared to our competition. Once we discover this, we can build a business and marketing strategy that’s most authentic and fearless resulting in the most success. When I discovered this for myself, my business doubled that next year!

My perspective on business, branding, graphic design, and social media is your advantage, alongside the latest techniques and tools to help you become a business and marketing expert, too. Anyone can do it!

I’ve completed the Intensive Master Coach Training Program with the Nature of Real Estate, I’m also a Certified Coach Practitioner with the Certified Coaches Federation and I’m a certified Digital Marketing Professional through the Digital Marketing Institute.

Real Strategies = Real Results

I can help you unleash your Brand Essence, streamline your Marketing and amplify your Sales!

One of the people who inspires me the most is a woman that I’m proud to call my mentor and partner in business for over 12 years – my grandmother Sheila Gallagher.

Due to her 50+ years building and running a successful real estate business, I have learned so much about how all business should be done.

I’ve learned how to build a business that works for ME. Bringing my brand to the forefront, maintaining a work/life balance, and practicing simple yet effective marketing strategies. The best part? Anyone can do it, especially when you are clear on your goals and strengths and you have access to fool-proof strategies that WORK.

Being an entrepreneur often means no two days are ever truly alike. Successes and failures are all your own. That’s because becoming an industry leader is empowering, but comes with an even higher level of responsibility.

I’m committed to guiding you to get clear on why you’re better and helping you implement simple and clever strategies to transform the way you work, break the marketing mould, and together, build your most authentic and outstanding business.

This means more attention, more brand recognition, more market exposure, and more success – become THE Expert in your industry and the STAR of your life.

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“Tiffany has encouraged me to think clearly about the next right steps, while also supporting the greater vision for my life and career. She has helped me create new organisational systems, set boundaries and take small, manageable steps to foster great change. She is incredibly empathetic. So inspiring. Anyone wishing to set themselves up for true life success should not hesitate to work with Tiffany.”


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Use Your Imagination…

How would it feel to…

…kick stress and burnout to the curb and sleep soundly because you have finally mastered that elusive work/life balance.

Think about a life where you’ve established strong boundaries and control over your time and are finally able to prioritise self-care.

Imagine crafting a marketing strategy that is simple, easy, and works for YOU – a strategy that makes your brand unique and stands out from your competition.

Picture attracting quality clients (your IDEAL clients) and receiving countless referrals monthly.

It’s Time To Make It Happen

My program isn’t just about improving your business and your brand. It’s also about starting up and building a business that’s authentic to YOU and making more money!

My program works to help entrepreneurs, real estate professionals, and business owners develop streamlined and clever business and marketing strategies that work for them.

I’m all about helping you unleash your true Brand Essence, ditching the cookie-cutter approaches, and making marketing your business easy, effective, and profitable. You will become a sales magnet!

I’m Here For You.

The whole point of being an entrepreneur is to be your own boss, right? Well, sometimes the boss doesn’t have all the answers and needs help, too.

When I decided to go into business for myself as a Real Estate Agent, back in 2007, there were over 35,000 agents in the game. Now there are over 50,000 (not to mention that I was one of 5 of my friends to get licensed that same year).

I was entering such a competitive industry and found it difficult to find my place in a sea of agents. I spent all my time networking and connecting with my sphere of influence and investing in some of the best training courses.

I marketed myself as the agent I thought I should be, and I started to put some of the old-fashioned techniques I was taught to work. I found myself gaining traction but things became inconsistent. I was working way too hard, or not nearly enough. I wasn’t myself. I was exhausted. I had very little money, and I lost my motivation.

I felt lost and out of control.

What I didn’t have was a consistent business or a point of difference. What I needed to do was make a change.

I leveraged who I was and built my own unique brand and business around that. I added value to my clients and you know what happened? My income nearly doubled! I took the time to position myself in a way people gave a damn about. It improved my confidence, my marketing, and my return. I developed a business to suit ME and found my groove, too.

I Found My Flow And Success Followed

Now, I’ll Help You Do the Same.

I’m here to help you unleash your Brand Essence, streamline your Marketing and amplify your Sales – all while living the life you want.

Whether you’re an agent or an entrepreneur, I can help you better your business. Together, we’ll make your brand top of mind, and you’ll become the business superstar and marketing badass you’ve always admired.

Want In On The Secret?

My approach uncovers what makes you iconic and crafts a business plan and marketing strategy specific to it. You’ll become the industry leader you’ve always aspired to be and thank me for it.

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“Before I had even finished the process my business grew by around 20% in the first month! In a very short time my confidence grew.  I go into meetings with prospective clients very comfortable and I have had 100% conversion rates!! Working with Tiffany is the best thing you could do for yourself and for your business.

~ Susan

“Tiffany is a marketing BADASS, but she is also a marketing angel, she has this way of making the process feel quite effortless even though we have both worked really hard. She has helped me to build my confidence and just lean in to myself and the work I do with her calm, authentic consultative approach.”


“Tiffany has encouraged me to think clearly about the next right steps, while also supporting the greater vision for my life and career. She has helped me create new organisational systems, set boundaries and take small, manageable steps to foster great change.

She is incredibly empathetic. So inspiring. Anyone wishing to set themselves up for true life success should not hesitate to work with Tiffany.”


“I was thinking about getting a coach to help me get to the next level in my career but I was a little apprehensive about the process until I encountered Tiffany. After meeting her I felt instantly at ease and excited to get started. With her enthusiasm and ability to genuinely listen, Tiffany was extremely helpful in identifying what was important to me and developing a plan to get there.”


“You know when you think you are nearly ready to do something, you just have so many other “things on your plate” …well they are excuses and hindrances usually caused by fear.  Working with Tiffany, I have no fear, I feel like she is so wise and experienced in this area, she has done it herself and now she is sharing her knowledge with others, to help us get out of our own way and not just carve out a pathway – strut it!!!

~ Susan

“I feel Tiffany can really see things from my lens, and not too many people get it.”


I had always struggled with feeling like there was a lot of pressure in the industry and real estate agent resources to employ high pressure sales tactics. Tiffany excels at helping you develop momentum and strategies around a more authentic approach without the cheesy hard sales shtick. I really appreciated the support in identifying areas for growth and realistic strategies to achieve those goals. In addition, Tiffany had valuable feedback and was able to help me creatively overcome challenges as they came up.

Thank you, Tiffany for all your help!”


After working with Tiffany, I realise that my rebrand is about ME, not about anyone else and I am so comfortable with it that the fear has disappeared. And I feel such happiness and contentment, just reflecting how comfortable I am with my new brand.


Learn How to unleash your Brand Essence, streamline your Marketing and amplify your Sales!

My approach uncovers what makes you stand out and crafts a marketing strategy specific to Y-O-U.
You’ll become the business magnet you’ve always aspired to become.

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