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Part III – Scheduling and Brand Maintenance – Real Estate Social Media Made Easy


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If you’re reading this, it means you have (most likely) started setting up your social media channels and began developing your content strategy. Bonus points if you’ve downloaded and started using my Content and Social Media Planning Calendar (available here)!

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Now that you’ve put the hard work in and laid the foundation for your personal brand online, we’re ready to get into the good stuff – Making your life easier with scheduling tools and maintaining your personal brand online.

Once you’ve filled in your Content and Social Media Planning Calendar you’re ready to start adding your posts to different platforms online. I know this can sound daunting and social media may feel like it’s something that you’ll always need to keep up with, but there are tools out there to make your life online (a lot) easier!

Posting Made Easy

Sitting down once a week to fill in your Content and Social Media Calendar will help you get ahead of your posting. Once filled out, you can use a scheduling tool to pre-schedule your posts.

With automated scheduling tools like Hootsuite, Later, Buffer, and Icono (to just name a few) you can sit down once a week to think about your posts, schedule them and watch them post themselves. I would recommend checking in every day or two to respond to comments are engage with other people and brands but scheduling apps really take care of all the hard work so you can get back to your real job, selling real estate.

Above + Beyond Scheduled Posts

In the midst of scheduled, planned posts, you can also fill in your social media presence and build your brand with some of the following:

  1. Post your listings, show sold & leased properties, give sneak peeks into properties that are “coming soon” and even talk about past client wins!
  2. Take your followers behind-the-scenes with shots of your day-to-day life, current listing you have for sale, and tips on getting their homes selling-ready!
  3. Let your followers get to know the places that you love in your city! (local coffee shops, stores, restaurants etc…) Showing off neighbourhoods or local hotspots will help your followers fall in love with certain neighbourhoods or areas! (Bonus points if you have listings in these neighbourhoods!)

Maintaining Your Brand Online

Planning out your social media posts (according to your Content Pillars) and scheduling them in advance will help you get a good overview of the personal brand you are creating online. You will be able to better manage your online presence and make sure you are consistently posting and staying in-line with your brand image. Remember, you are the Expert in your field, and you want to make sure your posts and personal brand you are building reinforces that always.

Hashtag Etiquette

Did you know that having at least 1 hashtag in a post will get you 12.6% more engagement? Pretty crazy! With that being said, you will want the RIGHT kind of engagement (think your Target Market). So, make sure you do your research! Find hashtags that your Target Market are using or looking for. Try and be specific (but not too specific) with your hashtags and change it up once in a while to make sure you are reaching a wider, more diverse audience. To top it all off, I would also heavily suggest you create your own personalized hashtag and us it, often!

Growing Your Community

Getting followers online isn’t something that is going to happen overnight but there are some things you can do to help move things along!

  1. Encourage engagement! Commenting and liking posts from other accounts and getting a conversation started will help make your accounts more discoverable.
  2. Check out the pages that other Agents are liking and following and start interacting with those accounts as well.
  3. Get more exposure by tagging other brands and local businesses in your stories and posts! Remember what I said about exposing your followers to local hotspots?
  4. Become THE EXPERT in your field. Once your personal brand begins getting recognition and people are consistently engaging with your page, you will become the Expert and go-to person for questions and Open Houses. The recognition of your personal brand and business will begin to build credibility.
  5. Use social media as a way to interact and engage with others on social media and try and convert them into potential clients!

Social media is a great way to show off your strengths and marketing abilities to potential clients! Once you establish your following and gain traction and engagement on your social channels, you will have great proof to sellers that you have platforms to expose their listings!

Don’t get discouraged if your investment doesn’t see a return overnight. Building a social media presence and personal brand online is a long-term commitment – you can’t expect leads to flush in right away!

Just to be clear here, you cannot expect to sell Real Estate from social media. It takes time, and you must be consistent and understand it is a brand building process, not a lead generator. Keep in mind developing your personal brand online is about building a sustainable business – focus on social media as a piece towards building credibility, increasing exposure and investing in your long-term success.

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