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Perfecting Your Pitch: How You Can Crush the Competition


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So, you’ve been marketing yourself and people are starting to take notice. Do you know what you’ve got to do once you have a lead? Do you have your pitch ready?

As much as marketing is important, being able to sell yourself and close the sale is what’s going to bring home your commission check and ultimately, determine your business’ success.

As Agents, it is crucial that we perfect our pitch. You want your pitch to not only highlight your strengths as an agent but also be tailored to your client’s needs and explain how you can sell their home better than your competition.

What sets you apart from the sea of Agents? What does your market need and where is your competition not delivering?

When perfecting your pitch, there should be no need to put your competition down, rather you want to talk yourself and your business up. Sell yourself in a way that the client doesn’t even consider the competition as an option.

Here are some tips for crushing the competition:

Know your s#!t

Doing your research and having knowledge of your market is mandatory. In order to be ahead of the competition and know how and where you set yourself apart, you need to be well versed in what your competitors are offering and for how much. The first things clients will question is your expertise and your price. Know what you’re worth and stick to it but make sure you can back what you’re selling. By demonstrating your thorough understanding of the market, you’ll showcase why your services will put your client’s in a better selling and/or buying position than other agents.

That means no bulls#!t

Make sure you are keeping your client’s goals and needs in mind, always. Be prepared to answer their questions accurately. If you don’t know the answer to something, admit it and let them know you will come back to them once you find out. Don’t BS your clients. Seriously. With the access to information and technology nowadays, clients can easily find out if you’ve lied to them. Be transparent and clear. If a customer finds out you’ve lied or exaggerated information, you’ll not only lose their trust, but you can begin building a not so nice reputation for yourself.

Connection first, pitch second

 When a client welcomes you into their home, begin with finding a common ground or commonalities with them so they can relate to you and trust you right off the bat. Ask them about their family, where they’re from, their home, ask for a tour of their home and allow them to show off their greatest asset with pride. Engage with your client on a personal level and make sure this engagement is genuine.  By establishing a relationship from the get-go, client will trust you, and you’ll develop rapport before you get to business. Remember the KLT (Know, Like, Trust) Factor I keep talking about?

It’s not all about you

I’ve found in the past that my most successful pitches begin with a question. By starting your pitch off with asking a potential client a question, you can begin to engage them, find out right away what their trying to accomplish, what their goals are, and easily tailor your pitch to their specific needs. Your main goal should be to be the solution for their task at hand. Also, don’t focus so much on your success and accolades that it takes over the conversation. Make sure the focus remains your clients’ home and their goals, with a side of why you’re amazing at what you do.

Know your audience

Figure out who your target market is and stick to it. Don’t try and reach too many people at once. Cultivating and finetuning your pitch is all about quality. Pinpoint who you want to speak to, create a clear vision of them in your mind, focus on their goals, needs and expectations, and begin building your pitch from them. Make sure you also keep in mind the ways in which you’ve seen that your competition has been falling short and what angle they might have taken in their pitch.

Practice makes perfect

Make sure you practice your pitch in front of a mirror or with a mentor. You want to be able to deliver it in a way that is natural and won’t come off too pushy or salesy. When you meet with clients, make sure you are well prepared.


Once you’ve perfected your pitch, you’ll have clients signing on the dotted line in no time.

Need more info on developing your Point of Difference before you can start perfecting your pitch? Check out my post on how to discover your Point of Difference as an Agent here.

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