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A 60-day, one-on-one accelerator program for Entrepreneurs and Start-Ups that includes:

  • 8, 60-minute private sessions (one per week)
  • The first month involves diving deep into your personal and professional brand, zeroing in on your target market, mastering your marketing, and leveraging your uniqueness so you no longer have to compete on price (or at all).
  • The second is about implementing your seamless-and-authentic sales techniques and marketing strategies, setting goals for your business, mastering your messaging and your point of difference, while positioning yourself as an expert in your industry.

A 60-day, intensive, one-on-one program for Real Estate Agents that includes:

  • 8, 60-minute private sessions (one per week)
  • The first month involves establishing your ideal schedule, building the foundations of a seamless business around your life, realigning your priorities, strengthening your values and strengths, and getting clear on your unique value proposition and how to stand out amongst your competition.
  • The second is about establishing your unique prospecting and lead generation techniques, getting consistent on your brand messaging, perfecting your pitch and putting your marketing strategies to work.

I’ve crafted a one-to-one program designed to dive deep to uncover:

Your Strengths

Your Values

What Sets You Apart

It’s a marketing plan that is effective, implementable, and way beyond basic. As an entrepreneur, I know your day-to-day is unique. That’s why your marketing and branding strategies need to be just as unique. Actioning meaningful ways to attract clients to your brand, your message, and your services. Not only do you need to live your values through your marketing, you need to stand out. That includes ditching the cookie-cutter, creating a marketing strategy as unique as you, and standing out as a thought leader - and not a follower - in your industry.

Sound good? It should! I can help you change the way you communicate value to your audience -- translating into more deals, more money, and more attention paid to your brand. There’s nothing formulaic about it, because it’s all built on YOU.

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I had no idea that being your authentic self could make me as rich as I've become. If I had, I'd have done it a lot earlier.

- Oprah Winfrey

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“Tiffany is a marketing BADASS, but she is also a marketing angel! She has this way of making the process feel quite effortless even though we have both worked really hard. She has helped me to build my confidence and just lean in to myself and the work I do with her calm, authentic consultative approach. Before I had even finished the process my business grew by around 20% in the first month! In a very short time my confidence grew.  I go into meetings with prospective clients very comfortable and I have had 100% conversion rates!! Working with Tiffany is the best thing you could do for yourself and for your business.” – S.L.

“Tiffany excels at helping you develop momentum and strategies around a more authentic approach without the cheesy hard sales shtick. I really appreciated the support in identifying areas for growth and realistic strategies to achieve those goals.” – H.L.

“You know when you think you are nearly ready to do something, you just have so many other “things on your plate” …well they are excuses and hindrances usually caused by fear.  Working with Tiffany, I have no fear, I feel like she is so wise and experienced in this area, she has done it herself and now she is sharing her knowledge with others, to help us get out of our own way and not just carve out a pathway – strut it!!! After working with Tiffany, I realise that my rebrand is about ME, not about anyone else and I am so comfortable with it that the fear has disappeared. And I feel such happiness and contentment, just reflecting how comfortable I am with my new brand.” – Susan

“Tiffany has been remarkable in helping me find a balance between being a working mom and having a successful career. Anyone wishing to set themselves up for true life success should not hesitate to work with Tiffany.” – Shannon

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