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Trust Me, as a Real Estate Agent, the Devil’s Always in the Details


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Why is it that we still see real estate agents making mistakes?

I’m not talking about big or necessarily harmful ones — the Real Estate Council of Ontario is equipped to deal with those quote-unquote transgressions, lest we forget. I’m not even referring to the odd slip-up, because oversights happen. Nobody is perfect.

I am actually getting at the smaller, glaring, ubiquitous errors. The sloppy errors. The easily avoidable errors. The errors which clearly suggest a pattern of disorganized, shoddy work.

I shudder to think of the amount of sales representatives I’ve come across in my decade-plus on the beat who make them. The amount of dark, low-res images from a cell phone I’ve seen uploaded to MLS or, worse yet, none at all. The inaccurate or outdated remarks jumping off the page at the bottom of those same listings. The lackadaisical paperwork I’ve had to embarrassingly correct when receiving an Agreement of Purchase of Sale. The typo-ridden and garbled blog posts I see constantly promoted on Facebook. Sigh.

Listen, I get it. We agents always feel like we must get that house or that condo to market as immediately as possible. And we all want to be first to get our bid in, or address the latest market update. But when we make such careless blunders, truth is, it discredits and tarnishes us as professionals.

That’s the bottom line, sorry.

Always hire a photographer to take professional photos before your latest property goes live. Why would a co-op agent or buyer themselves give a sh*t about it if you seemingly don’t? Always confirm the name of the school district you intend to heavily lean on as a selling point. Or would you rather walk a slippery slope that can lead to fines or lawsuits for you and your clients? Always remember to include an irrevocable date or time when submitting an offer, as well as completion dates, title search dates or what have you. Is this amateur hour? And always proofread your latest article prior to publishing it and, for Christ’s sake, employ spell check. This material is meant to position you as an expert, isn’t it?

No, they didn’t teach all of this stuff when you were cramming to get your licence, but come on, did they have to?

Remember: as a real estate agent, the devil’s always in the details.

Or, in other words, being expeditious should never take precedence over quality work. After all, it doesn’t just reflect poorly on you, but your entire industry.

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