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The WHY Behind Selling Real Estate (and Anything Else)


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After watching Simon’s Sinek’s TED Talk on the WHY behind selling (linked at the bottom of this post if you want to watch too!) I was so inspired. Sinek just totally gets it. In his Talk, he’s speaking mostly about Apple Inc. when explaining his concept of ‘WHY’, but while watching this, I just couldn’t believe how much his theory could be extended into Real Estate and to selling ourselves as agents.

If you’ve been following along with me, you’ll know that, for me, Brand Personality & Brand Storytelling are two concepts that are absolutely fundamental to successful marketing and content creation.

A brand or product must have a unique vantage point or business proposition in order for it to relate or resonate with people. Bottom line: a brand or product needs to have a Brand Personality for people to want to buy it or buy into it. This is pretty basic. Your Brand Personality or Brand Objectives should be the foundation and the heart of your business.

When it comes to developing your Brand Personality, there’s a few things that you need to consider.

Whenever a client considers buying something, they will think about 3 main qualities – the Functional, Essential, and Emotional. When buying or selling a product, someone will take into consideration: Is it Functional? Is it Essential? And ask themselves WHY am I selling (or buying) it (Emotional)? While some brands are able to answer all 3 of these questions, others can really only answer one or two. Too many brands focus on what they’re selling and how it improves the customer’s life instead of really explaining WHY, at the heart of it, they are selling this particular product or service.

What we’re realizing here is that the secret to selling really lies in the WHY. People need somewhere to live: they have always bought and sold homes. But the difference here and the thing to really focus on, is WHY someone would buy or sell a home from YOU. Ultimately, people want to feel an emotional connection to you and your brand. They will want to work with you because the feel like they Know, Like, and Trust you (KLT Factor)! The ultimate goal is to do business with people who believe what you believe and vice versa.

A big part of the reason I became an agent is because I wanted flexibility and I wanted to be able to build something of my own. I knew from the get-go that how much money I made and my successes were up to me. But you know what really pulled me into Real Estate? People. I loved being around people and working with them so closely. I love the relationships I formed and cultivated over my 12+ years.

In this industry, you get the opportunity to really get to know someone. Buying or selling a house is one of the biggest and most significant events in one’s life. Being a part of that experience always felt so monumental and special to me. I’m sure as an agent, you can relate to this. The People are such a significant part of why we do what we do. Of course, there is a crazy amount of chaos and stress that comes with this job, but I think that’s partly what a lot of us thrive off of. We love the thrill of the chase, the excitement that comes with a find and that overwhelming sense of accomplishment once everything is signed, sealed, delivered. For agents, our WHY gives us purpose — it’s the very foundation of our business and what we should be constantly be putting at the forefront.

Simon Sinek came up with the Golden Circle – Why, How, What. (see TED talk videos below)

Simon believes that when inspired leaders act, think and communicate their WHY, that’s when success happens. Because people don’t buy what you do, they buy WHY you do it.

This is why Brand Storytelling is so essential to your overall success and selling rate. When we develop an authentic and credible brand story we are speaking to a different part of a person’s brain — We are speaking to their behavior; the part that makes decisions. Once you are able to connect with someone emotionally, they feel something, and then are more likely to buy from you and continuing giving you their business in the future.

This is the secret to selling yourself as a real estate agent. More than ever, clients choose to work with us based on the KLT factor, which is EMOTIONAL, but they usually choose their agent based on these same 3 qualities (Functional, Essential, and Emotional).

We must share, be open, and transparent, and put our WHY at the front of our business. This is ultimately how you are going to reach clients, get them to trust you, and want to work with you over and over again.

Did you have a chance to read my post about the KLT Factor? Check it out here and find out how you can start building your WHY.


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Simon Sinek:

Have you heard of his book? “Start with Why” digs deeps into how WHY is the key to success.

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