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Why I Work Hard


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I work hard to give my dog a better life.

Just kidding… kind of.

When I first started as a real estate agent in Toronto there were some things I didn’t do right. I convinced myself that I had to keep up with the traditional, old-school mentality of what it was to be a realtor. I became the agent that I thought I should be, instead of the one I was. My business was inconsistent, I was exhausted, lost my motivation and eventually, I lost myself.

I knew I needed to make a change.

Too many agents get burnt out or knocked down because they are focusing on the “should”.

Once I took control of my business, I let my real self shine through. When I began to own who I was, realize what type of realtor I wanted to be, and what kind of real estate business I wanted to build, my success (and overall happiness) nearly doubled!

I know in under 300 words, it can sound easy, but don’t be fooled — it wasn’t. I had to challenge myself and trust my instincts. Once I took a step back and decided the only person I wanted to be was me, I was able to come into my own and start doing things my way.

Of course, it was scary at first but I knew I needed to put in the work — Not just for myself, but for my dog! We both deserved a better, more authentic, happier, me.

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