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Why Showing Vulnerability Can Make You a Better Real Estate Agent


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Why Showing Vulnerability Can Make You a Better Real Estate Agent

I know you might have read the title of this article and rolled your eyes at the idea that vulnerability could be a sign of strength. We are taught that we have to put our best face on and never share too much of our personal selves in a professional environment. It’s enforced that we need to maintain a certain version of ourselves at work, with our clients and colleagues and to reserve our true selves for those we spend time with outside of work.

That’s no longer true in business and in real estate.

Believe me when I tell you that Clients want to get to know YOU. They want to build a real, genuine connection with the agent listing and selling their house. Allowing yourself to be vulnerable in your professional life can actually be a sign of emotional intelligence. Being vulnerable allows you to extend past your marketing and branding and actually be a real person.

Being vulnerable with clients can give you an edge over your competition. Here’s how:

Vulnerability facilitates growth and learning

When you open yourself up to understanding and embracing vulnerability, you are taking the first step towards ownership of your emotions and creating an environment of growth and learning. When you acknowledge that you don’t know something or what you’ve said may have been wrong, you are allowing your clients and your colleagues to recognize your human side and that you are always working to improve yourself and your business (remember what I’ve said about Continuous Learning)?

Being able to admit that you don’t always knows the answer, will help you not only gain more knowledge but will help clients trust you to get the answer.

Vulnerability helps build authentic connections

Genuine connections are built when you are real and authentic about who you are both professionally and personally.

Allowing yourself to be vulnerable to potential clients reveals you as a “real” person. Showcasing this side of yourself and being totally genuine and authentic will not only build trust as well as a deeper connection with your client, it will also increase the likelihood that your clients will remain loyal to you.

Vulnerability means leaving your ego at the front door

Instead of just waiting for your turn to speak and give your pitch to potential clients, shut up and listen. Agents can often forget how powerful it can be to just listen. Sometimes not saying anything at all, and letting your client have the platform to really speak can be the most impactful sales technique. Clients can end up disclosing a lot of information when you actually let them.

By giving your clients an opportunity to really speak to you, you can learn more about them and begin to build a genuine, authentic connection. Remember, this transaction is not about you but about your client. Putting your ego aside and letting your client take the lead in conversation helps showcase a softer side and puts your listening skills to the test.

Clients no longer want an agent to just list and sell their house — They want to build a real, genuine connection before they commit to giving you their business. The best way to be authentic in this business is to let yourself be vulnerable, allowing your true self to shine through. If you don’t know the answer to something, admit it! Open yourself up to learning from each encounter with new business and let your client guide the conversation (it’s not all about you!)

In this business, it’s important you get personal. Letting your clients see a more humble, vulnerable side of your professional personality will not only build a connection and solid work foundation, it can also build trust and loyalty.


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